Price range $3-$7 depending on cookie size, complexity and packaging. Favor cookies are all the same size and design, for large favor orders of over 4 dozen more than one design can be selected.

Cookie Size Simple Detailed Intricate
3" cookie $4.50 $5.00 $5.75
4" cookie $5.50 $6.00 $6.50

Cookie Assortments

  • Simple Dozen
  • $46/dozen
  • A simple dozen includes medium size cookies in up to two cookie designs and 3 colors.
  • Detailed Dozen
  • $52/dozen
  • A detailed dozen includes medium cookies in three designs and 4-5 colors. These cookies can also include airbrushed detailing.
  • Intricate Dozen
  • $62/dozen
  • An intricate dozen includes medium to large cookies in three designs and 5-6 colors. Any font and text can be selected to be hand piped onto your cookies. Cookies can include hand painted detailing and business logos.


Each cookie comes individually packaged.  Standard packaging is included in each cookie order.  Cookies can be upgraded to packaging with ribbon or with ribbon and tag.

Standard Ribbon Ribbon with tag
Included $0.65 each $1.00 each

For cookies in standard heat sealed packaging your cookies will be beautifully boxed.