Cookie Process

We strive to listen carefully and then create with fun ingredients just what you are looking for!

Every batch of cookies is lovingly crafted using the highest quality ingredients.

Fresh dough is mixed, rolled, and cut into cookies for each order.

Cookies are then allowed to rest for a few hours prior to being decorated with royal icing

Icing Process

Icing is mixed in complimenting colors and carefully piped and flooded onto each cookie by hand.

Once the icing is dry cookies are beautifully packaged

Decorating cookies is often a multiple step process that comes together at the very end. Recently I made some princess face cookies for my daughter. I chose The Trinnie plaque cutter from Whisked Away Cutters shop on Etsy. I baked the cookies and let them rest for a few hours. Meanwhile, I mixed up all the icing colors and consistencies needed for the project.

White piping and 20 second, Flesh 20 second, Golden piping and 20 second, Light blue piping and 20 second.

I outlined the plaque cookies with white then flooded and let that dry for 4 hours. Then using the flesh and white icing I shaped the face and dropped in white icing where the eyes and teeth should be. I Let that set for 30 minutes then filled in golden icing where the hair should be leaving space for the blue headband. After waiting 30 minutes, I added the blue sections in for the headband and the earrings.


I started wondering if this was all going to turn out around this point. After letting the icing fully dry, 4-8 hours it was time to paint. I used black, warm brown, blue, pink, white and a paint brush for this step. Using a food paint brush I painted the eyes, lashes, nose using warm brown, upper eye line in warm brown, lips in pink, and added blush with pink luster dust. Adding the white highlight in the eye really brought her to life.

Cookies are a labor of love but seeing all these beautiful princesses together was so rewarding. Most importantly seeing the birthday girl bursting with joy made my day! The amazing thing about cookies is each child gets their very own. Unlike a cake where all the children are asking for the one piece with the flower or balloon, cookies bring joy to all the children at a party.